You just cannot rush through this questionnaire!!! We are asking that you read through our web site. It is filled with helpful information that will be well worth your time for your next Golden, no matter where he/she come to you from.

Before continuing with this questionnaire, first please read about these two topics: Reasons to delay Spay and neuter and Minimal Immunization

Reading your comments will help us better understand you and your needs and wants in regards to a Golden Puppy.

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Puppy Questionnaire

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Is this your first dog, and your first Golden?

Describe your home in regards to where the puppy will be raised and the area where your dog will play and exercise. Please include if your yard is surrounded by a barrier fence, invisible fence or what your plan is to keep your dog safe.

What do you think about crate training?

Describe what you plan to do with you Golden for training or any other activities outside of your home.

Do you understand and agree to the principle of "limited registration"?

Please describe your family. Do you have children who live at home and what are their ages?

Who works what hours in your home? How many hours would your puppy be alone at home during the day?

Are you wanting a male or female puppy?

Would you please read and consider the implications spaying and neutering too early?

Will you agree to wait to alter your puppy until he/she has matured to at least three months after your little girls's first season or until your male is at least 18 months for your male?

What are your feelings about minimal immunizations? Here are some articles for you to read.

Are you familiar with our contract (on the web site)? Do you have any questions or comments? Please have no hesitation to discuss thoughts with us.

Please go to and read the information about purchasing a puppy.

Please copy and paste this into an e-mail?

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