Painting Goldens Puppy Contract
Lee and Elizabeth Painting (sellers)
Date of agreement_______________

This contract is written to assure you that you are receiving a puppy who is
healthy and of good temperament. It is also written to assure us that you will follow some guidelines that we feel are very important in providing a safe and healthy life for this very special puppy.

We are providing you with a quality companion dog who is not selected for breeding, and so this puppy is sold with a "limited registration." This means that AKC would not register the puppy offspring produced by this dog.

Our puppies are sold with a health satisfaction guarantee that is in effect during the first week after the pup leaves our home. This puppy has had a physical by our vet but should be examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours of receipt to assure that he/she is not only considered healthy by our vet, but also by yours. If the pup is deemed unhealthy, he/she should be returned to us immediately. You will receive a full refund if you or your Vet have found the puppy to be unhealthy or of poor temperament.

This guarantee is in effect if your puppy was allowed to mature before being spayed or neutered, for males not before age 1 year, for females 3 months after first season. Early spay neuter before puberty may increase the chance of hip dysplasia, cancer, behavioral changes, ligament tears and other problems in Golden Retrievers. 

We guarantee that the dog/bitch will be functionally free of the major genetic diseases which are common in the Golden Retriever breed. We have done or seen generations of clearances on the ancestors of this litter and we feel that we have done due diligence to lower the chances that these any of these genetic problems will occur in your puppy:

-hip dysplasia up to age two years as evidenced by a board certified radiologist interpretation and written report.

-hereditary eye defects within 12 months when diagnosed by a veterinary ophthalmologist with documented report.

-hereditary heart defect within 12 months. Proof of exam by
ACVIM Board Certified Cardiologist indicating his interpretations.

If one of these hereditary defects does occur in such a way that your dog's quality of life has been crippled, we will provide a replacement puppy of equal quality. You will have the choice to either keep the original puppy or return it to us.

In order for this guarantee to be valid you must agree to:

~carry the "Painting" prefix in its registered name.

~feed the puppy premium quality adult dog food (no puppy food and no food with soy, wheat or corn)

~provide frequent exercise, yet no hard exercise, no repetitive
jumping such as off a deck or from a van or truck or into the air for a Frisbee for the first 18 months of the pup's life. This will ensure that the pup's growth plates have fully closed.

~The pup must be kept at a lean, healthy weight.

These precautions will save the puppy from the environmental influences that are known to cause hip dysplasia in Golden Retrievers and would be in no way be related to genetic tendency toward hip dysplasia.

The dog must be provided with good health care including veterinarian
exams, core immunizations and then titers. You agree to have your vet titer the dog after the core immunizations have been completed (at age 4 years) rather that reimmunizing needlessly. Rabies has state laws which apply, in NYS rabies must be given every three years.

Good health care for a Golden Retriever includes a yearly eye exam by a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist starting at age 4 years. Golden Retrievers can develop Pigmentary Uveitis and it is essential they have this yearly exam. This eye disease, caught early is treatable, but if it develops untreated it can lead to a very painful condition and can potentially cause blindness. A general vet does not have the magnification to detect this disease. You agree to have these yearly eye exams performed.

In the event that you are unable to keep the dog for any reason, you agree to contact us and give us first option to accept the return of the dog.

You agree to contact us with any AKC wins or titles that the dog may receive.

You agree to provide a yard surrounded by barrier fencing, or you agree to accompany the dog when he/she is outside. You agree that this dog will never be left tied outside and will primarily live in the house.

You agree that this puppy shall never be sold outside the United States
or to a dog broker, or any kennel facility, breeding farm, puppy mill, research facility,
or any environment of possible abuse.

I have read the above and agree to the above mentioned conditions.

Buyer: ________________________________ Date:___________________

...........________________________________ Date:___________________

Sellers: _______________________________ Date: __________________


Please know that we will always be available to you for any of the pups needs. We have been with Goldens for many many years and have a wonderful network of breeders and dog fanciers, vets and experts. Always share any problem with us as we may have a simple solution or may find one for you. Please do not have any surgery or procedures done without sharing with us. This is not a requirement, but an offer that we feel is suitable to repeat here.

Please stay in touch. Send pictures!