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Our Story

Our first Golden Retriever came suddenly into our lives in 1990 on Thanksgiving weekend. We adopted an 18 month old dark golden male. He quickly became the center of our lives and we have never known life without at least one golden since that happy Thanksgiving Day. There are many wonderful Golden Retrievers to be rescued. Anyone who is contemplating bringing a Golden into their world should first consider this type of adoption. Go to to learn more about golden rescue.

Lee enjoyed pheasant hunting while growing up and his interest in field training our Golden was sparked when we moved down the road from his childhood country home. This led us to participate in hunt tests and we found ourselves joining retriever clubs and, of course, Golden Retriever clubs, where we have met wonderful dog people and have made some very good friends.

Soon we became interested in blood lines and pedigrees and we bought our little Emma who has bloodlines rich with obedience and field champions. Her desire to please is so much greater than any other dog we have known before. We grew to see the true value of her really nice lines and importance of a good pedigree. We frequented dog shows, and met many more good dog people. We found ourselves naturally drawn to the breathtaking beauty of the conformation golden. We next purchased our first show dog and have found the dog show world a fun hobby as well.

We enjoy our memberships in the local retriever clubs. As members of the Golden Retriever Club of Western New York, Elizabeth served a three year term from 2002 to 2005 as treasurer and Lee as the WC/WCX coordinator. Lee and Elizabeth also work on the club web sites of both the GRCWNY and GRCCNY.We are also members of the Golden Retriever Club of America, and the Golden Retriever Club of Central New York.

We believe that a Golden Retriever should be of good conformation, healthy, have a solid and reliable temperament, be a loyal, trainable companion with a natural drive to retrieve birds. Our goal is to produce Golden Retrievers with these qualities.

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