Grooming your Golden is the key to bringing your dog to it's potential beauty and health. An ungroomed long haired dog is uncomfortable, often have mats under the front legs and in the groin area that really hurt. They will be in potential pain and can be unhealthy and be at risk for hot spots and ear infections, yeasty itchy areas and bad smell. If it's nails are not trimmed, it WILL hurt to walk.

We would like to show you this wonderful tutorial written by Morning Sage Golden Retrievers. It will teach you how to groom your Golden to perfection! Practice makes perfect. With the right tools, a one time investment, you and your dog can have such a sweet time together and you will know every inch of his/her body. If you start when you bring them home as a little puppy, you will be training them to love this. If you start too late, it will be a wrestling match!

If you decide that you want a groomer to take this job, please bring your puppy regularly so that socialization will occur and grooming will be a joy for the dog all of it's life!

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