Painting Moonlit Diamonds In The Snow CCA CGC TDI

Born February 18th, 2011

Above, Sparkle earns Therapy Dog Title

OFA CERF Normal GR-374182 2014
OFA Cardiac Normal GR-CA23577/16F/C-PI
OFA Hips Good GR-108714G28F-PI
OFA Elbows Normal GR-EL29230F-28-PI


Sparkle is groomed professionally by Jamie!

Sparkle lives on the Bay with a huge lawn.

Sparkle's sister and groomer Jamie!

Sparkle was a witch for Halloween!

Sparkle in her first show at 6 months above.

Above, 11 weeks

Above Sparkle when tiny with siblings "There is Mama!"

Sparkle at 8 weeks

Above, Sparkle and Her Mama Meadow with siblings!

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Can Ch Painting Fields Of Dreams TDI

Sparkle is the little girl we kept from our litter with Meadow/Buddy.
Our sweet girl decided that she would be the happiest living with Paula and Jay and Chester and Ivy.
So off she went!
Sparkle first gave us a beautiful litter with Regal.
We are so proud of her as a sweet and attentive therapy dog. Paula takes her to the hospital, to see students both young and college age. She also gets to visit the people who live in an assisted living home in Hilton.
She engages gently with the humans and she parties with the dogs at her home.
Daddy Jay has claimed her as his favorite dog and she takes full advantage of his kindness. She truly has a dog's life!!

Her name, "Painting Moonlit Diamonds in the Snow" was created by Lee. On the night before Sparkle was conceived, we were in Cleveland Ohio, the temp was below zero. The dry freezing air lit by the full moon showed diamond reflections on everything in view. It was a breathtaking sight! Lee came in and said, "If we have a little girl from this breeding let's name her..."

And she does Sparkle with her blond coat and her jet black nose and dark eyes.