Golden Retrievers

CH. Graceridge Painting's Birdwing CCA



Regal in the spring flowers.

This is our BooBoo Regal ...


Handled by:

Megan Moore

Tim Terella

Karin Fisher


Record of Wins

Framingham Kennel Club
Sunday 6/6/2010
Judge Robert Ennis
4 Point Major

Grand River Kennel Club
Cayahoga Valley Golden Retriever Specialty
Friday 07/10/2009
Judge Ms. Lorri Isenhath Gordon
4 Point Major and Best of Winners

St. Lawrence Valley Kennel Club
May 30th, 2009
Judge: Dr. Robert A. Indeglia
Best of Winners

Erie Kennel Club
Judge Carol Summerfelt


Pontiac Kennel Club
Judge Eugene Blake
Best Of Winners

Pontiac Kennel Club
Judge Nancy J. Gallant
Best Of Winners

Tonawanda Kennel Club
Judge Carol S. Brown
Major Reserve

St Lawrence Valley Dog Club

Judge Allen Brown
Best of Winners

Olean Kennel Club
Breeder Judge Elizabeth Greenfield
May 17th, 2008


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Our sweet boy, at 13 months, won his 12-15 month class in sweeps under Lizbeth Russell at the GRCWNY Specialty.

Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Mariner Icy Autumn Wind
Dam: CH. Panambi Galaxia Parsifal

OFA Normal GR-EYE1497/106M-VPI
OFA Heart Clearance Normal GR-CA13417/13M/C-PI
OFA Hips Good GR-96418G37M-VPI
OFA Elbows Normal GR-EL20818M37-VPI

Regal is a sweet, happy, confident boy. He is a kind soul. Always fun and unchallenging to other dogs, he is a diffuser of  trouble between dogs, he has a talent for making peace in the group. He is not a wimp, all boy and very comfortable in his own skin. It would seem that Regal believes that life is lived to have fun! But he also has a longing to please. He truly loves all people and his favorite thing in the world is to cuddle up as close as he can get. He has been this way since he was a tiny puppy. He comes from a long line of sweet loving Goldens. Both parents, Decker and Panambi, are mushy in their affections. When he traveled away at shows, even without us, his handlers remarked about how easy he was to have, he is cooperative and likes to play but lie around and watch all that is going on around him. He is our joy.

His height stands 23 inches at the withers. His weight is 75 pounds. He is muscular and has nice bone. His coat is blond with long furnishings. The most outstanding physical feature is his beautiful angulation. He has a deep chest, and a level, hard top line, with a good neck into shoulder blend and a pronounced poststernum with smooth shoulder layback. Regal's head is correct, with a nice stop. He expression is pleasing, adoring at times. His eyes are brown with correct shape. His dentition is correct, no missing teeth and a scissors bite. Regal's pigment dark brown and his nose fads slightly in the winter months. He has correct length of leg and he carries his tail level with a merry action. His movement is smooth with a beautiful side gait.

Regal is the result of a breeding done by our friends Linda Love and Carolyn Zagami and was whelped and raised by Carolyn. The breeding between Decker and Panambi was their fondest wish, but the distance between Maine and North Carolina made it difficult to pull off. That is until Carolyn volunteered to help and the rest is history. Carolyn kept a puppy girl, Brookiana. She is the puppy of her dreams from Linda's beloved Panambi, and Decker, who they have admired since they first put their hands on his gorgeous conformation. Regal was the only boy in the litter of four and was showing great promise so we could not resist bringing him home! Linda kept Tori, who became a sweet and mellow mommie, and Sandy and Scott are loving Daisy as a companion.

We are blessed to have Regal as part of our family. He has sired some sweet and happy puppies for us and he, no doubt, procduces himself. Now we have seen his first granchildren from his daughter Glory!



Lee with Regal. Where is Megan or Tim when you need them???

Graceridge Brookiana Birdwing CCA, CGC, TDI 

Regal's sister Brookie, already a Reserve Winner's Bitch at six months of age!