Weight problems in our dogs.

Our pets suffer from health issues when over weight. We do too. But we are each completely in control of what happens in our pet's life. Ever bit of food and how much exercise they get is chosen by us.

If you have noticed that your Golden has lost the hour glass indentation at the waist, if you cannot feel his/her ribs, if they look like moving is an effort and they have lost the spring in their step, then it is time that you make good changes to prolong their life. It has been studied and proven that an overweight dog has a shorter life as well as other health issues. Less food, more exercise will give them the highest quality of life and health.

Grain free food is often a big help as carbs are fattening fillers and grains are not needed for a carnivore as a regular part of the diet.

If your best attempts fail, ask your vet for a thyroid test.

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