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Please Read! Very important if raising a Golden Retriever Puppy!!

Tips for your new puppy and links to products that we love.


Great Books:

 "Before and after getting your puppy"  by Ian Dunbar  

"The Art of Raising a puppy": The Monks of New Skete ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


We cannot stress enough how very important it is to really work on socialization for your puppy.
There is a period from 7-16 weeks where your puppy is an open book, waiting for the world to make it's mark on his memory. If you take your pup to experience everything you have available during this time, and then continue to enrich his experiences, he will will be so sound and so level in new situations, you will be able to take him anywhere you go and he will be calm and will wag his tail and enjoy life, and you will be so proud of him. Have you see dogs, when at a vet, they are bounding, panting, jumping, squealing and all together a nervous wreck? That is only because they have not been correctly socialized. Who knew? We learned and we want you to know, what a huge difference this will make in your dog's and your life.

Developing High Achievers


This is a wonderful crate, it has a divider which allows you to make the crate small when the puppy is small and bigger as he grows. The puppy will try very hard not to soil his sleeping area. But if it is a big area, he will walk across the crate and go in the corner!
This crate has 2 doors. This will really be a handy option when finding various ways to make the crate fit into your living situation in the future. Plus the floor pan is vinyl and will not rust, nor is it hot or cold.

MIDWEST Life Stages Double Door Fold & Carry Crates

Smaller size, good for back of van or SUV or shorter rests.
36 long, 24 wide and 27 high

Larger size, better for the main sleeping crate, more roomy, especially for males.
42 long x 28 wide X 31 high
Here is the Midwest Crate Site

Same crates may be found in less expensive price range, the the two door with divider are helpful options


Shampoo and Conditioner

that we love.


Must have these tools!!!

"Coat King" style rake

This tool rakes out the old, dead, fuzzy coat that will soon fall out all over your house. If it does not fall out, then it will build and build and fluff out to an unattractive, itchy, odor holding undercoat. We have used this tool for many years and love it. Sal, whose site is linked below, is the man who we visit at many dog shows and we want to link his site to you and offer his phone number so that you can obtain this tool.

Sal Barone
Sal's Blade Shop
4065 Millersport Highway
Amherst, NY 14228
Phone: 716-689-0623
cell: 716-867-1439

e-mail: SalsBladeShop@yahoo.com
Sal's Web site

20 tooth Coat King like stripper.

Also from Sal's Blade shop,

Thinning Shears
Multiple teeth are the only way to trim a coated dog like a Golden Retriever, all that long,
shaggy hair around the ears and the poofy hair that grows on the feet are trimmed with these thinners.
This is a very nice inexpensive pair of thinners, Sal sells these at a very good price.
42-46 tooth thinners leave the least mark when trimming.


This is a comb is in the shape of a rake. It is sooooo much better than a brush, you will get right down to the skin, remove the loose undercoat that wants to fall out (on you rugs and your clothes) If there is a knot in your Golden's coat, you will find it and deal with it before it get so big it needs to be cut out! Throw away the brushes and get a rake!!! If you rake twice a week during the normal months and daily during heavy shedding, your Golden's coat will shine and sway in the breezes and his skin will be healthy. Dampen the coat before combing to prevent static and braking.
Between good nutrition and good coat care, you will be so proud! Don't forget the tummy and under legs on rear and chest!! This is where the most painful mats form.



We have brought up the puppies having their nails filed with a Dremel. This is the other option for trimming your pups nails, rather than clipping. Nails that are too long will damage the dog's toes and will look very bad and will scratch your wood floors and you, if he jumps up or paws you.
This has a lithium rechargeable battery. It has good power and is pretty quiet.  This is the exact one that we use. It can be used for wood-working too. It is expensive, but it has a completely variable speed and holds a charge for a long time.

You could buy a less expensive dremel and may be very happy, but we have a policy that we only suggest tools and products that we own and love. We have tried others and these are the tools we can attest to being the best.


Ear Cleaner

This is our home made ear cleaner that we have been using since we brought Copper home 15 years ago and it is a favorite amongst Golden breeders and owners. We never get ear infections as this is amazingly effective. Not only do we use this weekly, but we trim the hair around the ear canal opening, this allows good airflow.
( do not allowing any hair to get into the ear.)

The solution is antibacterial, anti fungal and is drying...all the needed methods to keep floppy eared Golden Retrievers free of ear infection. Apply with cotton pad or smaller sections of a cotton ball. If too much ear wax to remove with pad, squeeze about 10 drops into ear canal (outdoors) and let the dog shake his head, then wipe it out with the soft cotton.

Mix up in Alcohol bottle.

1 Pint 70% rubbing alcohol
4 TBSP Boric Acid Powder (find in first aid or foot care section of pharmacy)
16 drops 1% Gentian Violet solution (ask pharmacist where this is located)

One bottle will last you for a long time. We make one up a year and it last thru hundreds of Golden ear cleaning.
Shake before using.
Warning!!! This is a staining substance! It takes a day for the color to wear off your finger
tip and it will turn nail polish a pretty lavender color.



Our contract asks that you feed premium quality food. You know how good nutrition makes a person more healthy and more fit and have better skin and hair? The same goes for dogs. We have some tried and true foods for various dogs for various reasons. These are foods we have used, so it is a list of our favorites


We have fed Fromm Puppy food to our mammas and our puppies as well as Surf and Turf grain free.
We have found that Fromm Duck and sweet Potato is very good for the coat of a spayed bitch.

Canidea All life Stages

All Life Stages Original
Pure Sea, Pure Sky, Pure Elements

Purina Selects

We have fed each of these at different times.
Salmon and Brown Rice for Sensative Skin and Stomach
Turkey and Barley
Chicken and Brown Rice