Painting Morning Meadow CCA TDI

Born Oct 4th, 2011

Misty is our Regal and Meadow daughter. She has been a good girl and fun to train and has completed her
Therapy Dog International test and is registered with them. She has been a joy to take into therapy situations as her deep brown eyes and beautiful face make people say "Ooooh, she is so pretty" and she is.
Misty is happy about everything and loves to have fun, she is a snuggler and loves to be kissed.
Misty's coat has a short jacket and her furnishings lovely and long.
She has deep dark black pigment with black eye liner and lots of black pigment dots
on her tongue which show when she smiles, which if often.


Hips: OFA Good GR-109418G24F-VPI
Elbows: OFA Normal GR-EL29878F24-VPI
Eyes: Opth Normal GR-EYE2210/20/F-NOPI
Heart: Normal GR-CA24856/23F/C-VPI

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