Painting Having A Ball CCA
Born Jan 21st, 2013

Owners:Chris and Erin Bory
Lee and Elizabeth Painting

AKC # SR76496402


Lucy has a little brother now, she is a sweet sister and so Santa was good to her!




Chris and Erin write:
Lucy is energetic daughter of Ruthie and Seeker.  Lee and Elizabeth co-own her with us,
we live right down the road in Webster, NY. 

Lucy is our fun loving golden who we just adore! She loves her adventure walks in the park, swimming in the lake, taking rides in the car and spending time with anyone that will show her love and affection.  She loves spending time with other dogs but her best friend is her litter-mate and sister Greta.  They love to wrestle and run!   Lucy loves her playtime but she just as much enjoys her time spent snuggling under the blankets on the couch or enjoying the last lick of ice cream out of our bowls. 

Lucy's coloring and pigment are beautiful and we are often stopped and told what a gorgeous dog we have.  We joke that it looks like she's wearing eyeliner! Whether we are traveling to the park, visiting family, or are walking in our neighborhood she always brings joy to those who have the pleasure of playing with her.  She truly completes our family! 

Lucy was evaluated by three judges and earned her Conformation assessment title, CCA!!   


Hips Good OFA GR-113218G26F-VPI
Elbows: Normal OFA GR-EL33358F26-VPI
Cardiac- OFA GR-CA26276/17F/C-PI Normal
Eyes-OFA GR-EYE5000/28F-NOPI Normal


It is clear from the pictures above that Lucy is loved and cared for by two people
who play and train and have a lot of fun with her. She earns her naps.

Lucy is a daughter of our Angel son Seeker and our Paige daughter Ruthie which makes her so special to us.

Lucy is a Painting Golden Retriever and one of our puppies!