Minimal Immunizations

Over immunization is partially what is causing the American Goldens to have cancers and all too frequently occurring auto-immune diseases compared to other developed countries.

People are searching for some ways to help Goldens better fight cancer, which is such a big problem in this breed. Cancer is a disease of the immune system. Abnormal cell division occurs and when all is working correctly our immune system gobbles up the abnormal cells. But an unhealthy immune system cannot fight cancer or other diseases effectively.
Also, over taxed immune systems can be reveled as autoimmune diseases.

Where the pup needs to be immunized, giving him more than he needs is harmful.

After the core vaccines, for the rest of it's life, you can just ask the vet to titer for Parvo and Distemper
every thee years. As long as this blood sample shows that your dog has immunity,
any shot for that disease is unnecessarily over stimulating his immune system.
That is the only immune system he will ever have.
It is what he will fight cancer with and many other diseases.

Please do not over immunize.  

Also, please always separate the Rabies by 2-4 weeks from any other shot, for his/her whole life.

We have decided to go with this protocol:

~Parvo/Distemper/Adenovirus @ 8 weeks,

~again at 12 weeks and 16 weeks

~Rabies: 2-4 weeks from any other immunization

~ Rabies: 1 year 20 weeks
and Titer for Parvo and distemper.


Three years later, at 4 years, have your vet draw blood to check if the puppy has a titer for Parvo/Distemper. If  the dog does show the presence of immunity you do not need to re-immunize (yet give Rabies per your state law)  Dog and humans have similar immune systems, our children are immunized in childhood and never again because it is known that they still are immune for life.

Your vet may offer to give all of the immunizations together for your convenience. He may know how hard it is for owners to get back to the vet, but with the knowledge of the harm it might do... please separate the shots.

Cancer fighting cells can be weakened if the immune system is not in top shape.
Please read about titers, this article is very informative.
In one part of this article, you will see a Dr. Jean Dodds quoted.
She and many other respected immunologists feel that once the core vaccines have been given,
the dog may remain immunized for many many years, if not life. Measuring blood for titers are the
definitive way to monitor this immunity.

In certain areas of the country and in some situations, your vet may recommend other shots as well,
but always separate them by weeks or a month, never give them all at once.

Also, never immunize your dog when ill under an unusual amount of stress.
You are your dog's only advocate.
If you want to talk about any of this, we are always here.
If you wish to search out this topic, you will find a lot of information available for the taking.
Once we became open to this newer concept, we were easily educated just by looking, then have attended
a day long seminar taught by Dr Ronald D. Schultz, Professor of State University of Wisconsin.
He has studied Veterinary medicine immunology for 30 years
and has proven his theory about how long immunity last, he proves with by titering.

Over Immunization may also cause Hypothyroidism

Reason to weigh risks of Lepto vaccine.

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