Golden Retrievers

Painting's Morning Glory CGC


Born January 26th, 2010

Glory11 months

Glory loves nothing more than the water!

Glory is a beautiful girl that we co-own with Debbie Ameele.
She has earned her CGC and CCA and is an AKC Star Puppy.
Deb wrote this comment about her girl:

Glory is loyal and loveable. She knows when I walk in the door if I need a laugh or a snuggle and is always my close companion. We travel everywhere together and she loves it, so quiet in the car I have to look to make sure she is still there! I really appreciate how well she adapts to most all situations. Whatever I do, she comes merrily along.
In my opinion her beauty is breathtaking, yet she is totally unaware of it.
Glory loves nothing more than a good game of fetch and if you add water she's in her glory!
I am sure she could be a great obedience dog if I fully dedicated myself to some serious training.

Glory has a medium gold coat with a short thick jacket and long furnishings. She has a wash and wear coat which is easy to maintain. Her pigment is black with dark eyeliner and nose. Her build and drive is athletic and powerful and she loves to play. But in the house she is soft and cuddly and is very affectionate. She plays very well with other dogs but her number one in this world is Debbie, who she ADORES.
Glory took 3 years to mature into the beautiful girl that she is today.


Hip clearance: OFA GR-105286E24F-VPI
Eye clearance: GR-EYE2209/40F-VPI GR-EYE2209/40F-VPI
Heart clearance: OFA GR-CA21577/24F/C-VPI
Elbow clearance: OFA GR-EL26168F24-VPI

Link to OFA clearances


Glory's beautiful Baby we co-own with Debbie Ameele

Glory's parents. Our Angel and Regal