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In loving Memory
Sweet Emma was loved all she knew

Nine Mile Pine Run JH WC CGC

Emma was our first Golden Retriever with a special pedigree. She is from field and obedience lines. All who know Emma would agree that she may be the sweetest of all Goldens. She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle on the couch or at your feet. The shock comes when we pick up a bumper and head for the field: her personality transforms into passionate and driven retriever! Her obedience lines have been evident since the day we brought her home at seven weeks. It seems that she has known the meaning of the word "no" from the first and is so eager to please that she obeys cheerfully and instantly. She never went through puppy destruction. Even as a puppy she would happily entertain herself and would play with a toy for an hour straight and be content. A fast learner, she got first legs of JH and SR on the first try, and excelled in obedience and agility classes, her teachers calling her a natural. Her strongest attributes are her sweet temperament, her intelligence, her drive to please and her drive in the field.

Emma does so love to have attention, and as the numbers in our dog family were slowly increased, she was becoming more and more sad that she did not have our undivided attention. She had had about enough of these new dogs coming into her kingdom and she wanted to be number one. So we gave her her hearts desire, and now she lives with a wonderful family who adores her, runs with her, plays with her, brushes her and pets her just about all of her waking moments. She is totally loved by her new family and she is in dog heaven. Below is Emma with her new Mom, waiting for the children to come home from school.

Emma's pedigree highlights
Emma's father:
OTCH One Ash Stardust On Tap UDX, OHOF ("Sixpak")
He was #1 Golden retriever in all obedience rating systems in 1996 & 97.
1995 SUPERDOG winner at three years of age.
He is from a litter of 4 OTCH/UDX/OHOF dogs and 1 UD bitch.
His father Reggie is the all time top producer of obedience dogs with 30 OTCH's. His mother, Crumpet, is line bred on the top producer in England Eng Ch Camrose Cabus Christopher from the Camrose line in England developed by Joan Tudor.

Emma's mother:
Nine Mile Brita of Leverock ("Brita")
Strong field background includes the following dogs in three generations:
FC/NAFC Topbrass Cotton OS FDHF
FC/AFC Topbrass Windbreaker Zap OS FDHF
Mioak's Sparklin Jezebel WCX (all age qualified) who is the dam of
FC/AFC Mioaks's Smoke'n Zeke and Mioak's Kiefer Ginger Snap MH WCX (all age qualified) winner of Golden National Specialty Amateur 1993.

To view Emma's pedigree just click on her picture above!

 Emma's Puppies