Painting Waves Of Grain TDI

Amber above, at two years old!! She is not just another pretty face. She is very intelligent and is and such a joy to train.
The obedience ring seems to be in her future. She has graduated to Level 4
thanks to our friend Paula Warner who took her thru level 3 and reached that goal for us!

This is the first time Amber has had a chance to meet a young 5 year old boy.
She melted in his lap and they hugged. They are both so sweet...

Amber is such a sweet puppy girl. She has trained easily in obedience because of her focus and her desire to please. She has unending love for people and is a play girl with all of the dogs, both family and friends. Her father Becket comes from a long line of dogs with beautiful structure and movement and we feel very fortunate to have come to know his owner Heather Donnaly of Cressida Goldens.

Eyes Normal OFA-GR-EYE5002/31F-NOPI
Heart Normal GR-CA28452/16F/C-NOPI

Hips Good OFA GR-116795G29F-VPI
Elbows Normal GR-EL36722F29-VPI
Ichthyosis Clear by PawPrints Genetics